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Cindy J. Zheng-Huang

The Story

Before we understood fully what was going on, most of us needed to stay at home, work from home, keep social distancing wherever we went in 2020.  Yet, deep down, we all longed to go to nature, connect with the people we love, spend the time with our friends and family in person on line and off line.

Hi, I am Cindy J. Zheng-Huang. The designer for CindyNature Pressed Flower Art. I started the work of pressed flower in 2020 while I worked from home. The flowers and plants on the artworks were grown and pressed at the gardens in Northern California, US. The designs and stories of each artwork were inspired by the current events at the time flowers were picked.  I hope through this work, we connect more to the nature and people around us.

Having a piece of nature art at home or in our office reminds us of the beautiful world around. Through the colors of the flowers, we understand that the world is a wonderful place because of the variety of all living things. Through observing the life circle of a plant, we know everything has its own timing and season. With that, we learn to appreciate the moment and keep our hope high for a better future to come.

Let’s discover the beauty of living together.

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